Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I may be at home, but I'm actually working, thank you!

OK, this is a rant. But it may resonate with some of you, and may it serve as a flag up for those of you who are dying to be full-time writers. Full time? Ha!

Without going into personal detail as to why, I can't actually shut myself away in my eyrie and refuse to respond to anything outside of it. I know other writers (or indeed others who work at home) are in similar situations. Family commitments are sometimes such and that's all there is to it. BUT.....

How come if there's one caller at the door one day, they are immediately followed by at least five more? How come one interruption of any kind seems to generate a whole raft of them? Days just dissipate so fast and you get to the end and realise nothing got done.

Then you think, ok tomorrow will be different, I'll do so and so and so first and then I'll get to the writing. Oh yeah? What makes you think sod's law is about to get changed just for you? And after three or four days of this, you're tearing your hair out.

Admittedly there are weeks when it all rolls along nicely. But lady, this ain't one of them. Don't people around here realise that I have not one, but two books to write? Plus guest blog posts for promotion; not to mention assessments I'm doing for other writers. Oh yes, they realise it in some vague way. I think non-writers have some sort of strange idea that books are just ideas that float onto the page without much input from the writer.

And when I protest, all I get is; "Oh, you'll do it. You always do." Yes, I'll do it, but they might have to cart me off in a straitjacket!

Be warned. If you're at home, you're fair game.


  1. Rant away, Liz, it happens to all. I am a bit better off because I live miles from anywhere, but if its not people at the door it's the phone!

    Havingsaid that I wouldn't change back to going out to work again.

  2. Agreed, Linda! Feeling less stressed about it today, thank goodness, but still didn't get anything done. Hopefully next week will be better production.