Thursday, 23 May 2013

Easy Peasy Video Trailers

I found out about Animoto from a loop I'm on and checked it out. This is the easiest program I've ever used. Needs the least possible technical knowledge. If you can upload a picture and click on things, you can make a video.

All you do is choose a background style - you can watch these to see what the video will do before you choose - then upload pics, add captions, add text, choose music, watch a preview, change anything you want, and then publish.

It's brilliant, so simple and the results are absolutely fantastic.Take a look at this:

My Georgian Romances

I'd put the video on here, but I'm not that tecchie and couldn't find how to get this one instead of a Youtube one.

I've made another for a single book:

Mademoiselle at Arms

I've already got both on websites where one can promote. I thoroughly recommend Animoto. You get a 30 second video for free and all the hassle is taken out of making it. It's such fun.