Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Getting your book up on Kindle - my first go at it handled

Minxes of Romance: Author Spotlight - Elizabeth Bailey: The minxes are delighted to have Liz Bailey here with us today, answering the minxy questions. She'll be telling us too about her new releas...

The lovely minxes of romance very kindly offered me a slot today, to tell them all about my new historical romance Mademoiselle at Arms.

This is my first foray into Kindle on Amazon and it's an interesting experience. My nephew Llewi has done the tech stuff for me - brilliantly! It only took him two hours to put the book up originally (whereas it would have taken me two weeks). Then we looked at a book on promotion and discovered there was more to do.

Llewi hunted down the best search words and reformatted the description, and we've put it on Kindle Select. By coincidence this Q&A came up on the very day we republished the book! Here it is:
Mademoiselle at Arms

If you're interested in getting a book up on Kindle and don't want to waste time messing around with the tecchie stuff, Llewi is now offering his services at a very reasonable rate. He's off to uni in September, so he can fit in this help around his studies.

£45 just to format the book correctly and upload.
£60 to hunt down the search words and do an html formatting on the book description as well as formatting the book and uploading it.

Llewi is on and will welcome any questions.

I've dithered for six months or more with looking at how to get this book up without having to do it myself, and I checked endless services for price, etc. It's a minefield out there, and thus a joy to me to have someone I can trust doing the work. In due course he's going to due my Smashwords as well, so he's going to be a godsend to me. I've got several books almost ready to go and more in the pipeline.

Isn't this a wonderful world for authors?

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