Friday, 20 August 2010

Entering the Blog World

Gosh, this is pretty scary!  It looks so easy, but I bet I mess up.

The object of the exercise is to share some of the writing lore I've acquired over the years.  And to post news about my own work now and then.

I've recently started an assessment critique and mentoring service, so it seems logical to gird my web loins and join the tecchies who do this off the top of their heads with no problem.  For one brought up with old lined exercise books and copying from the blackboard, I can tell you this is no mean feat.

Bear with me as I learn this game, so that I can help you with the writing game.

Tip Number One:  A writer writes.  Ergo, if you write, you must be a writer.

Let's do away with all those "aspiring" "trying to be" "wannabe" labels and speak only of writers writing better.  That's all any of us ever want - to write better.  Because the better you write the more likely you are to get that coveted publishing contract.

Welcome to my blog, writer!


  1. I'm sure this is going to be a great blog, Liz. And your first tip -- writers write! -- is spot on.

    I say that as a published writer who has a PhD in displacement activity!! I do so admire those writers who have the self-discipline to sit down and get the words out every single day.

    My own advice to writers would be: don't do as I do; do as LizB says!

  2. I wish to be associated with the words of the former speaker. I am the most disorganised and undisciplined of all writers, so listen to what the lady says. Oh - and read a lot, too.

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere Liz. I entered it myself only a short while ago and while I would like to post more regularly I have actually found it good fun and a useful aide memoire to myself of places, things, techniques, in fact anything to do with writing. You'll soon be blogging like a natural. Welcome and do feel free of course to follow my blog entitled creatively (not) - it's nice to have friends in cyberspace.....

  4. Hi Liz,
    Looking forward to reading your tips on writing...unless of course reading writing tips counts as a Displacement Activity...

  5. Hello Liz,

    Here's support from one Elizabeth to another. I look forward to your comments. Your presentation is so nice, uncluttered and clear, so it's pleasant to read. [er...yes, I was a teacher in the days of marking exercise books...]

  6. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I hope it gets easier. There's quite a lot to learn, I think, once the basics are in place. Shall probably be screaming for help even as I offer it in writing tips!

  7. I shall be following diligently! As a writer who needs the discipline I hope you'll be covering that topic soon! :-)