Saturday, 25 February 2012

Window of opportunity

I'm writing this because there is one. Right now I've got space for doing assessments, if anyone wants one done urgently. That is, within the next couple of weeks.

These days I do a fast and effective assessment on an emailed attachment Word doc (which, for my sins, has to be earlier than Word 7 because I can't read docx annoyingly). As I read through, I put in comment balloons, so you can see exactly where the problem is in the text. Then I write an email assessment with general comments and details referring to specific comments as needed.

This system seems to be popular because it's quicker - and cheaper! Takes less time, so I can keep costs down.

If you want to take advantage of my window, email me on

And just to keep your hopes up, here's a quote from Patrick Dennis on his Auntie Mame (which later was made into a film) - "It circulated for five years, through the halls of fifteen publishers, and finally ended up with Vanguard Press, which, as you can see, is rather deep into the alphabet." Motto: Never give up.

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