Sunday, 22 January 2012

In, out, in again

This reminds me of my perennial battle with exclamation marks. Wrote a scene yesterday that I wasn't too happy with. Thought it didn't belong, or it was holding up the action. Decided to take it out and stuck it in a temp folder. Memo: never throw anything away in case you change your mind.

Today read it back and decided I wanted it in, so I stuck it back in and wrote on from there. Seems to work, but I reserve the right to chuck it out again or shorten it at a later date.

Why is this of interest? Because it's that inner writer at work again. Me the editor decided it wasn't right, shouldn't be there. Me the writer wrote it anyway. Editor looked at it after a break and found actually writer might be right. Editor reserves judgement and the jury is still out.

But that's what your first draft is for. Doesn't matter. Unless you've written yourself into a corner (see previous post) you can always change something later. Sometimes you have to trust the inspiration of the moment and go with it. In fact, I'd say always do that. Because first drafts have this wonderful caveat - they aren't set in stone.

I was worried because I had delved strongly into relationship stuff and this is a crime novel. But really, any novel needs characterisation and relationship stuff develops that. So maybe it is needed.

However, I have made the vow that from now on the crime has to be at the forefront, and the pace needs to pick up. Tell that to the inner writer and let's hope she comes up trumps.

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