Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Is that Sod on the horizon again?

Quick post.  Life will insist on taking over.  Already late blogging and then put the back out again on the weekend.  Got the thing fixed up first thing yesterday and then the car packed up.  Waited two and half hours for the RAC, had to have a new battery and then raced to eat lunch and get to appointment for one o'clock.

Why go on about this on a writing tips blog?  Because it's part and parcel of the writing life.  The most difficult part, I think, is keeping a schedule going.  If you go out to work, your boss expects you to be there for the duration - barring emergencies.  If you work at home, you're available.

Sod - you know that guy whose law we are always running into? - says if you only have three writing days, at least one of them is going to be wrenched out of your hands by "life".  And once he gets his teeth into you, Sod can be a right b-----d, because he figures if he can grab one day, he can grab the lot.  Often enough he's right.

What do you do?  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again, as the song says.  The only true test of a writer is your ability to do just that.  Persistence is the name of the game, and all of the above is why you need persistence.

Next time, conflict and drama as promised - barring another visit from you know who.


  1. LOL! I hope the little Sod is keeping away from you Liz! :-)

  2. There have been another couple of visits! But I'm fighting him off.